Which Democratic Candidate’s Doppelgänger Is The Most Accurate?

Sergio Flores/Getty Images

Ellie Gardey Contributor
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A sizable lineup of Democratic presidential candidates is battling it out for the opportunity to take on President Donald Trump in 2020.

Trump is judged to resemble a Cheeto, an Oompa Loompa and an ear of corn, but what do these Democratic candidates look like? (RELATED: First Presidential Debate Stage Is Set)

Each Democrat in the gaggle scarily resembles a specific fictional character. From Mr. Clean to the Creature from the “Black Lagoon” to Hugh Hefner and Willy Wonka, these politicians truly demonstrate diversity. (RELATED: Vote: Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Has The Worst Campaign Logo?)

Every politician should be made fun of for the simple fact that they’re a politician. And these Democratic presidential candidates are especially deserving.

So vote below! Which doppelgänger of a Democratic presidential candidate is the most accurate?