Democratic Debate Stage Is Set And The Shannon Bream Interview

Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the Friday video interview edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we discuss the final 20 candidates who made the first Democratic Party debate stage and how Joe Biden promises to cure cancer if elected, remind people that Alan Dershowitz is a liberal, cover a communist elected in Denver, and talk about Bernie Sanders thinking people will be “delighted” to pay higher taxes. Then we talk to “Fox News @ Night” host Shannon Bream about her new book, “Finding The Bright Side: The Art of Chasing What Matters.”

Listen to the whole show:

Watch the Shannon Bream interview:

The 20 Democrats who’ve qualified for the first debate have been announced. We talk about who made it and who didn’t and what it means to all of them going forward.

Candidates always make lofty promises when running for office, but Joe Biden has taken this to another level. Like John Edwards, who in 2004 promised to cure paralysis through stem cell research if he and John Kerry were elected, Biden is now saying he’ll cure cancer if he wins. It’s unclear if, like Kerry and Edwards, he’ll keep this miracle to himself if he loses. We discuss it.

Alan Dershowitz is a liberal. Conservatives are embracing him because of his books against impeachment and his defense of President Donald Trump against the allegations of obstruction of justice, but he is not a conservative. In an interview Thursday, he confirmed that he’s a supporter of Joe Biden and would happily vote for the former vice president over Trump in 2020. We have the audio.

Plus, Denver elects a communist to its city council and Bernie Sanders believes people would be “delighted” to pay higher taxes for his socialist programs. We play the audio and set the record straight.

Then we interview Shannon Bream from Fox News about how she went from a nerdy bookworm to winning beauty pageants in two states. Originally a lawyer, she left a good job for an internship in journalism. After being fired and told by her boss she was awful, she ended up working her way up to getting her own show on the top network on cable. But it wasn’t easy. She’s faced setbacks and health issues along the way, all of which she details in her book, “Finding The Bright Side,” available now.

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