MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Launched A Potshot At Sean Spicer, And Then Things Got Awkward

Charlie Goetzman Contributor
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In a Friday interview with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, MSNBC host Hallie Jackson asked Sean Spicer a rather spicy question.

“[Current press secretary] Sarah Sanders has acknowledged she did not always tell the truth to reporters, so let me ask you, do you regret setting that precedent for dishonesty when you were at the podium?” asked Jackson.

Spicer laughed out loud in response and shook his head no. But Jackson didn’t relent. 

“No? None? Not at all? None of the things you said that weren’t true, you regret none of them?” Jackson asked.

Spicer seemed to take offense to the premise of the question. (RELATED: The Best 7 Seconds MSNBC Ever Produced?)

“Did I make mistakes, Hally? Of course I did, and when I did, I tried my best to make up for them. There are times when I’ve said I should have done a better job” Spicer responded. “There are times when I hope to God that you look back on some of your shows or some of your questions and say, wow, I wasn’t the best reporter I could have been.”

Spicer was likely on the show to provide his perspective on the recent announcement from President Donald Trump that current White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is leaving her post at the end of June.