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Afternoon Mirror: NPR Has Serious Problems With Jim Acosta’s Self-Congratulatory Manner In His New Book

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“The list of potential press secretaries is going to be a reality-TV extravaganza.” 

Glenn Thrush, reporter, NYT.

MOOD: “This is laugh out loud hilarious. Unbelievable she tweeted this in 2016. Hillary is such a LOSER.” — Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused former President Bill Clinton of rape. Suffice it to say she’s not a fan of any of the Clintons.

Rick Willson says he does not have ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

“Anyone who thinks attacking me as suffering from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ or ‘Orange Man Bad’ is an effective argument is fundamentally unserious.” — Rick Wilson, who went on quite the tirade this week against President Trump. (RELATED: Rick Wilson Needs To Wash His Mouth Out With Soap)

Brian Stelter kicks Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her way out 

“Sarah Sanders’ primary legacy as W.H. press secretary is the death of the daily press briefing.” — Brian Stelter, CNN’s Chief Media correspondent. (CNN’s Stelter, Rubber Chicken And A HUGE Compliment For Tucker Carlson)

The Daily Show also slams Sanders

“TONIGHT: Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the job she hasn’t been doing for months.” — The Daily Show.

Sanders singes White House reporter on her way out 

“I asked Sarah if she had any regrets and she said, ‘Yeah. Calling on you in the briefings’ – I may have laughed the loudest.” — Brian Karem, White House reporter, Playboy. (RELATED: Brian Karem Defends Press Briefing Meltdown)

NPR dings Jim Acosta’s book as ‘self-congratulatory’ 

NPR’s Annalisa Quinn isn’t nearly as impressed with CNN Chief White House Correspondents’ Jim Acosta‘s new book, The Enemy of the People, as he is.

“The Enemy of the People would have been a good place to ask why Trump has succeeded in this project,” she wrote. “But Acosta used it as an opportunity to re-litigate his spats with the White House rather than to meaningfully interrogate the cultural shift that left huge numbers of people despising and fearing the press.”

Absolutely crushing: “The tone throughout is jocular and self-congratulatory. Describing a Trump confrontation, he writes that another reporter was ‘the real hero’ of the news conference for defending Acosta, something you only say if you believe you are, in fact, the apparent and obvious hero.”

Quinn questions Acosta’s concept of “bravery.”

Read her review here.

And this: “Acosta calls Fox News ‘state TV’ and says Hannity is a ‘chief propagandist,’ but he wants to go on the show anyway to hawk his book.” — Chuck Ross, reporter, Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Ass Kisser

“@PressSec has been a model of grace under fire. She will never get the fawning praise from the press that she would if her boss was a Democrat, but she deserves a lot of praise.” — Erick Erickson, The Resurgent.

Chuck Grassley congratulates the Toronto Raptors 

“Congrats 2head coach of the Toronto Raptors Nick Nurse for leading team 2 victory/1st ever NBA championship Nick is a UNIV of NORTHERN IOWA grad & Carroll Iowa native This is his 1st season as head coach Impressive accomplishment Nick played bball at UNI when my son was there too.” — Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

Scalise recalls when he was shot two years ago 

“Two years ago, my colleagues and I were attacked while practicing for a charity baseball game, simply because we’re Republicans. Thanks to countless heroes, miracles, and prayers, I’m still here today getting to do the job I love in Congress—and play a little baseball.” — GOP Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.).


Kathryn Watson, White House reporter, CBS News: “Fox & Friends is nudging the president off the air after 50 minutes.”

Jamie Schler, WaPo food writer: “50 minutes? He’s been blathering on for 50 minutes? He’s really desperate for someone to talk to, isn’t he? I’ll bet a buck that he bounces between bragging and insulting others.”

Presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson rips Democrats on faith 

“Listen @marwilliamson ‘We’re a religious country. And I don’t think it has served the Democratic Party at all that it has come to be associated almost with an arrogant and condescending attitude toward people of faith.”” — Major Garrett, CBS News. Listen to Major’s podcast here.

The Observer

“Trump, during his birthday interview on Fox & Friends, name-drops Anthony Weiner.” — Jonathan Lemire, White House reporter, the AP.

Reporter who looks like Harry Potter gets noticed in a bar 

“Thank you random man at bar who says I’m Daniel Radcliffe who just left rehab.” — Joe Gabriel Simonson, Washington Examiner.


“I wish I was thinner.” — Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones.

Confessional II. 

“When I tweet a typo, the amount of shame I feel is not healthy.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

Gossip Roundup 

HBO is shooting a film… in D.C. this weekend. Here.

LA Mag asks Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin‘s wife, Louise Linton,why she’s doing the interview… She replied, “I did lay low! I was deeply depressed for a while. But it sucks being perceived as a person that you’re not; it sucks being hated. …this caricature of me is the opposite of the girl I actually am. I run a business; I have several movies coming out. I can’t hide out for another five years.” Here.

Slate‘s Ashley Feinberg to her therapist: “I was explaining something to my therapist earlier and I had to ask her if she knew what gamergate was and she said no and honestly I’ve never been more relieved in my life.”

Michael Avenatti lashes out at Don Jr. — “I’ve never seen a larger canary ass in my life than Biff (a.k.a Donald Trump Jr.). This coward loves to run his mouth in my absence but doesn’t have the cojones to actually appear opposite me in person. Like father like son.”

More… “Biff — I saw you walk out of your testimony yesterday. You look like you are on your dad’s fitness plan called ‘300-200.’ I’m worried about you. Instead of running your mouth about things you don’t know anything about, go for a walk. It would do you some good.”

Paraplegic man goes after Avenatti for keeping his money. Here.

Baywatch actress Kelly Rohrbach and her new husband, Steuart Walton (yes, THAT Walton),  both went to Georgetown. Here.

Sean Spicer has kind words for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Here.