Texas A&M Will Sell Beer Throughout The Stadium During Football Games Starting This Season

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Texas A&M football fans will be able to get a cold beer during games this fall at Kyle Field.

More and more programs are beginning to sell alcohol during games to the general public, and the Aggies are now the latest team to embrace progress. They’re also the first team in the SEC to do so.

Interim director of athletics R.C. Slocum said the following when explaining the decision, according to 12thMan.com on Thursday:

This is another way we are enhancing the amenities at Kyle Field. We are extending the availability of alcohol beyond the premium areas which have had this option for many years. Fans, 21 and older, will have the option to purchase alcohol, regardless of seating area.

My friends, this is a great sign for fans of the Aggies and football fans everywhere. With every single team that starts selling alcohol to their loyal fans, it’s just another domino that falls in the process of knocking them all down.

Fans want to drink beers during games. They can either do it at home, where the school makes no money, or they can drink them in the stadium. Anybody who knows anything about money and moving the needle knows beer sales in stadiums is a genius idea.

Every single school in the country should follow the lead of the Aggies. Despite the fact Texas A&M appears to care about the common man, their fellow SEC program Georgia still won’t let a working class guy get a drink. (RELATED: Georgia Won’t Sell Beer In General Seating For Football After SEC Repeals Alcohol Rules)

We should be applauding A&M as much as possible and shaming the hell out of Georgia. We won’t stop until every team sells beer to fans.

This is a hill I’m absolutely willing to die on. I might hate the SEC more than any other person on the planet, but I’ll fight a million wars on a million fronts to guarantee your right to drink a beer as you watch your team play.

Does this make me a hero? That’s something for the history books to decide. My job right now is to shine as bright of a light as I can on this issue.

Until the beer flows freely throughout stadiums across America, there’s work to be done.

Props to Texas A&M, and major shame to every program refusing to embrace this trend.

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