Mexico Is Ramping Up Its Security Efforts After Trump’s Tariff Threats

Getty Images/ QUETZALLI BLANCO/ Daily Caller

Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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Mexico is increasing its security measures after a “secret agreement” was reached between the two neighboring countries last week.

President Trump threatened to place tariffs on all Mexican imports if Mexico did not start doing more to aid with the immigrant crisis at the border.

Most migrants coming from Mexico into the US are not actually Mexican. Mexico merely serves as the crossing point for migrants fleeing the countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.  However, the US is demanding that Mexico do more to tamper the amount of asylum seekers coming to the United States’ southern border.

In response, Mexico has created a security branch called the National Guard, and they are expected to position 6,000 men at high migrant-traffic areas. (RELATED:Mexico Releases The Details Of Its Immigration Deal With Trump)

Tune in to see what the latest is with Mexico’s newest efforts.


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