VOTE: Which US President Had The Most Iconic Campaign Slogan?

George Frey/Getty Images

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Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is one of the most well-known campaign slogans in United States history. Several other historical American campaign slogans also hold their own, however, when compared to Trump’s famous line.

As important as a politician’s resume is for becoming president of the United States, having a catchy slogan that people can either find relatable or believe in is of vital importance. (RELATED: US Blaming Iran For Bombings In Gulf Of Oman)

Several campaigns revolved around the candidate’s slogan and propelled them to the front of the pack when it comes to being remembered. Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and many others set important precedents with their slogans in their respective time periods.

While modern candidates often rely on merchandise and social media to ensure the success of their campaign slogans, no amount of merchandise can compete with a truly catchy slogan, as demonstrated by the campaign of America’s ninth president, William Henry Harrison.

Some politicians strove for wit with their slogans while others aimed for a more professional and formal tone.

Which slogan do you feel was the catchiest? Vote down below.