Brett Favre Teases An NFL Comeback Via Instagram

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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Green Bay Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre went to Instagram to hint at an end of his retirement and another NFL comeback in 2020 before deleting the post several minutes later.

Favre, 49, has been out of the league since 2010 and was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2016.

Favre has retired three times previously: once from the Green Bay Packers, once again from the New York Jets and finally from the Minnesota Vikings. (RELATED: Aaron Rodgers Not Happy With The Packers New System, Says He Doesn’t Want To ‘Turn Off 11 Years’)

Even if he is referring to some sort of front office role in the league or even as a broadcaster, this is exciting news for football fans. I do hope, however, that “The Gunslinger” returns to play quarterback one last time.

Imagine Brett Favre returning to a team like the Oakland Raiders and beating out Derek Carr in a Jon Gruden offense on “Hard Knocks.” I may not be able to handle that kind of storyline.

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I am not even a Vikings fan, and that eventual game-losing interception against the New Orleans Saints during the 2009 NFC Championship Game still gives me nightmares. Hopefully, Favre returns for one more Super Bowl title run.