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Afternoon Mirror: Hey Summer D.C. Interns, ‘NO TASK IS BENEATH YOU’

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Now USA Today is comfirming [sic] my scoop that Shanahan’s background check isn’t done and reporting that the domestic violence incident is part of what the FBI is looking at. … I should note that part of our story was that other news outlets had some of this information. Last night one semi prominent editor was basically bragging that they hadn’t reported on it. That’s DC for you folks.” 

Hunter Walker, White House correspondent, Yahoo News, referring to President Trump‘s acting Defense Sec. Patrick Shanahan and allegations of domestic violence against his wife. Shanahan denies hitting her.

A note from Sharon Weinberger, D.C. Bureau Chief, Yahoo News: “Writing about anyone’s personal life, even a public official, is tough. But when it comes at a time the U.S. is in middle of an escalating crisis in the Gulf, and questions about personal life are holding up the official’s confirmation, it’s newsworthy.”

MOOD: “Hello from the Upper East side where I just witnessed a man pay for a baguette with a $100 bill.” — Joanna Rothkopf, writer, Last Week Tonight.

Hey D.C. interns: ‘NO TASK IS BENEATH YOU’ 

(Don’t kill the messenger, meaning me, not this woman.) 

“Tips for new D.C. summer interns:
– Come up with objectives you can realistically complete & have something tangible to walk away with
– No task it beneath you
– Always have business cards but don’t be ‘that’ guy who hands them out to everyone without a meaningful conversation.”

Kathryn Watson, White House reporter, CBS News.

On that guy who won’t be going to Harvard whose initials are one ‘K’ short of a disaster  

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“I thought youthful mistakes were like having one too many jello shots or going on a joy ride with mom’s car. Boy was I wrong.” — Morgan Jerkins, NYT bestselling author.

“Ppl are so up in arms about Harvard rescinding 1 kid’s acceptance after discovering he made racist comments online. They’ve done it before. It’s not some new thing and he should be held to the same standard as the kids before him. Here’s my story from 2017.” — Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic. Read her story for Mic here.

CJ Pearson shows Kyle Kashuv some mercy 

“My heart hurts for @KyleKashuv. While his comments were indefensible and personally offensive, I forgave Kyle. More than anything, what he needs at this time is our prayers and our grace. Not our continued condemnation.” — CJ Pearson, pro-Trump teenage activist.

Kimberly Ross, Washington Examiner: “Not sure about you, but I’m thankful for forgiveness and grace.”

Cernovich: Kyle Kashuv told him he wants to build his brand 

“Kyle KKK told me during a call, “I want to build my brand, and Ben Shapiro is the best way for me to do it.” That was when he cut off all contact with @ali and @thecjpearson‬⁩, because Ben told him not to talk to them. Those are facts and I got phone records to back it up.” — Mike Cernovich, filmmaker, conservative pundit.

Jessica Fletcher, social media, The Daily Caller: “Kyle KKK? Seriously? Don’t become the monsters you fight.”

Trump’s hatred for coughing sets off firestorm

“Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited!
Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited!
Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited!
Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited!
Coughers! United! Will not be disinvited!”


Female journo admits she’s a terrible driver 

“Help me: i am on a road trip and my husband lost his drivers license—we think he left it on top of the car at a gas station in virginia. is it possible to like, print a temporary license when you order a new one online? he’s from MA. please help I am awful at driving.” — Libby Watson, Splinter News.

Uh oh…

Will Steakin is a reporter for ABC News. He also works at Outback Steakhouse (joking).

John Cusack allegedly gets attacked by a bot (wink! wink!) 

More importantly: He has blocked The Mirror for no good reason.

Has ABC The View‘s Meghan McCain got to him?!

“John Cusack’s movies are also bad.” — Ross Douthot, columnist, NYT.

Read all about this bot ordeal here.

A note on the chaos at BuzzFeed News… 

“Inbox: The Newsguild of New York says BuzzFeed News staffers plan to walk out of all four US bureaus this afternoon, and will also hold a rally in front of BuzzFeed’s NY headquarters to demand recognition of their union.” — Oliver Darcy, CNN.

Darla Shine shows off her cartoon hubby

Bill Shine, an ex-Fox News exec, formerly worked at the White House.

Random Observation: “Roughly how many phone numbers do you have memorized? I probably know a dozen, including my best friend’s parents’ land line from high school.” — Lizzie O’Leary, contributing editor, The Atlantic.

Atlanta Airport must keep TV’s on CNN  

“Lmao at the Atlanta Airport admitting they only play @CNN on the TVs because CNN’s parent company pays them to.” — Amber Athey, White House reporter, The Daily Caller.

From the Atlanta Airport: “Thank you for your feedback. The ATL programming service is the result of a competitive proposal process, and Turner Broadcasting Airport Network was the successful proposer. We take all passengers’ comments seriously and we use feedback to plan future programming schedules.-ASF.”


Crowley previously worked at Politico. 

“Great debut by @michaelcrowley who joined the @nytimes today just in time to crash on his first piece within hours of walking in the door — in this case, a smart explainer of the Iran situation. So glad to have Michael on board!” — Peter Baker, chief White House correspondent, NYT.

If you’re sitting near Eddie Scarry today, watch out 

Gossip Roundup

D.C. journo avoids certain street due to gang violence: “Apparently, my highly gentrified neighborhood is in the midst of a deadly gang war rooted in drug dealing. I’ve been actively avoiding one block in particular since @ShelbyTalcott started researching this story.” — Ethan Barton, news editor, Daily Caller News Foundation. Read up Here.

Scaramucci is more of an ass kisser than any of us really knew. That he was willing to go along with Trump’s asinine order here speaks volumes. Here.

On concerts and sex: “I find it awkward to stand around a bunch of people watching someone else sing at us? Also I normally go to concerts on dates and I would personally prefer to like talk to people I’m thinking about sleeping with.” — Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones.

Warning about Trump and canning pollsters: “More than one person close to Trump campaign has expressed concern that the firing of pollsters will serve to deter people not from leaking but from sharing bad news/poll numbers with the president.” — Eliana Johnson, White House reporter, Politico.

Real HuffPost headline: “Kids can handle the kink at Pride parades, families say.”

Kimberly Ross: “This is terrible parenting. Children don’t need to witness this kind of adult behavior, heterosexual or homosexual. They shouldn’t be forced to ‘handle’ it.”

MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan remembers her late ex-husband: “Hard to believe that today marks 6 years of missing Michael Hastings. Of all his writing on war, his profile of Bowe Bergdahl most brilliantly encapsulates the insanity of war on terror in practice and the humanity of those who get caught in it.” Read the story she’s referring to here.

The Accused… Famous film director’s son is the latest in the #MeToo movement. A disturbing story about a guy portrayed to be a “cult leader” in LA. Here. He did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Beast or TMZ.

Kathy Griffin takes high road with Anderson Cooper in wake of Gloria Vanderbilt‘s death. How big of her. Here.