Demouy Kennedy Committed To Alabama After Nick Saban Put His Championship Rings On A Table

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Alabama football coach Nick Saban used a baller move to score a commitment from 2020 linebacker Demouy Kennedy.

Kennedy, who initially was supposed to go to Alabama’s rival Auburn, told AL.com last week he committed to the Crimson Tide after Saban put all his rings on a table next to an empty one.

“I liked when he said, ‘Would you rather gamble on this table (pointing to the ring table) or the other table?’ I said, ‘I’m gambling on the ring table,'” Kennedy explained to AL.com. (RELATED: Tua Tagovailoa Says He Hasn’t ‘Had Any Talks’ About Going To The NFL)


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Kings do king things, and laying out all your rings on a table next to an empty one to represent your arch-rival is about as kingly as it gets.

There are baller moves, and then there’s the kind of power moves that can’t be matched. Literally no active coach in college football has the rings Saban does.

By definition, the six-time national champion is the only coach on the planet capable of pulling off this move, and I’m here for every second of Saban’s recruiting tactics.

It’s no secret I stand as the lone defender of honesty and integrity in college football, and that requires me to routinely scuffle with the people down in the SEC.

That’s just a fact, and I’m not going run from it. However, I know an awesome move when I see one. Saban shouldn’t recruit any other way than this rings stunt going forward because it’s awesome.

Props to me for being man enough to admit when my enemy does something cool. Most people wouldn’t have the guts. Luckily, I’m not most men.

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