Florence Freedom Baseball Team Gets Dad Bod Uniforms

Florence Freedom dad body uniforms (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/FlorenceFreedom/status/1140636927240089600)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Florence Freedom might have invented the ugliest uniforms in the history of sports.

The Freedom, who are based out of Florence, Kentucky, released “dad body” uniforms and played in them Sunday! (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

Yes, a pro baseball team played a game in fake dad body uniforms with chest hair and all. Take a look at a photo of the uniform below.

Just in case you thought this was a gignatic joke, you can take a look at the actual game film of the players proudly wearing them.

I’m all for minor league baseball teams pushing the limits, but this is just a step too far. As I already stated once today, 2015-2017 David Hookstead probably would have loved these uniforms.

Hell, I might have been right out there on the field proudly wearing one. A lot has changed since then, and we all know the dad body is on its way out.

It’s all about looking lean these days.

Have your beer slogans, make your movie references and have fun with the uniforms. I’m all for it. I really am. Even as a sports purist, I can get down with some whacky minor league behavior.

However, I just can’t get down with the dad body. Hate me all you want. Accuse me of losing my edge. It’s fine. I’m leaner and better than ever.

Because of that fact, I can’t endorse these atrocious uniforms from the Florence Freedom.

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