Kyle Kashuv Apologizes: ‘I Wish I Could Take It Back’

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Parkland, Florida shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv is apologizing after racist text messages from 2 years ago recently surfaced.

A conservative, anti-gun control activist, Kashuv was accepted to Harvard University, but had his acceptance recently rescinded after the messages surfaced. Kashuv, 18 years old, sat down with The Daily Caller to discuss the comments he made and how Harvard handled the situation.

In his text messages, Kashuv repeatedly used the N-word, referring to athletes as “n****rjocks.”

“I’m really good at typing n****r ok like practice uhhhhhh makes perfect,” the then 16-year-old Kashuv said.

He also made racist and sexist comments about how women would prefer black men over a “pasty Jew.”

Kashuv apologized for the comments, both to the school and the public in a series of tweets Monday.

A Harvard official told the Caller they do not publicly comment on individual applicants, but pointed to the school’s rules. The institution states that it reserves the right to revoke a student’s acceptance “if an admitted student engages or has engaged in behavior that brings into question their honesty, maturity or moral character.”

“I wish I could take it back,” Kashuv told the Caller.

Kashuv claims that “vindictive peers” released the statement in order to harm his reputation and ultimately get his acceptance to Harvard rescinded.

Watch Kashuv’s full comments in the exclusive interview above.

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