STUDY: Women Prefer Men Who Are Overweight And Have Dad Bodies

Dad bodies study (Credit: Shutterstock/EdvardNalbantjan)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A recent study about what women prefer in men had some shocking results.

According to a study from Planet Fitness, 70% of women prefer men who are overweight with dad bodies.

I’m sure you were all expecting me to defend dad bodies here. It’s what 2017 David Hookstead would have done. It’s what a younger less mature man would have done. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

Here’s a quick newsflash for all of you. Dad bodies are out. They’re out the window, and nobody should endorse them anymore.

I say that as somebody who used to have one. I used to chug Mountain Dew, eat awful food and I weighed a bit more than I should as I embraced the dad body.

Not anymore, my friends. I’m in the kind of shape thanks to my great eating and DNA that is simply beyond words, and you’re welcome to come check it out in person if you don’t believe me.

Here’s another little newsflash for all of you. Women who like fat men generally like fat guys because it’s an insecurity issue.

If they’re dating a fat guy, they don’t have to worry about him leaving. If you’re dating somebody in shape and crushing life, they’re always going to be worried. That mindset has never made sense to me, but it’s true.

Ask any woman on the planet if she’d rather date 2019 Chris Pratt or 2010 Chris Pratt. Anybody who answers with the latter is a liar, but they’ll say so because 2010 Pratt is less likely to leave them.

These are the facts. You might not like them but they’re true.

P.S.: Last time I checked, I don’t see supermodels dating a ton of fat guys. Go ahead and fact check me on that all you want.

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