Luke Grimes: ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Is ‘Next Level’ Compared To The First One

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We’ve got a little more insight on “Yellowstone” season two, and it sounds like we’re in for one hell of a fun ride.

The new season starts tomorrow. Yes, it starts in one day! I’ve been soaking up as much information as possible, and the latest tidbit from Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce, should have fans going nuts. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone‘ Season 2 Trailer Gets Released, Promises Lots Of Intense Action)


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“You know, that we’ve kind of found out who all these characters are, we can go a little deeper with them and all the relationships. All of these different people’s lives sort of bang up against each other. Season two is just next level compared to season one,” Grimes said in a premiere video shared by the Paramount Network on Monday. (RELATED: Luke Grimes Says Kayce Will ‘Face The Demons’ In Season 2 Of ‘Yellowstone‘)

You can watch his comments and more from the cast below.

Next level? Yeah, you can go ahead and immediately sign me up. Sign me up ASAP. Season one was absurdly good.

It was packed with action, suspense, awesome characters and fans were always kept on the edge of our seats. Yet, it’s now supposed to get even crazier.

I’m not even sure I understand how that’s possible, but here we are.


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Buckle up folks because we’re in for pure chaos in season two of “Yellowstone.” You better prepare for Kayce, John, Beth, Rip and the rest of the people riding with the ranch to unleash hell on their enemies.

I can’t wait, and I hope you guys are even a fraction as excited as I am. Wednesday night on the Paramount Network is going to be epic.

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