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Liz Warren Shares The Embarrassing Time She Misgendered A Child

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It’s not like Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has a lot to be red-faced about these days, with all the fallout from years of declaring herself Native American. Add misgendering a child to her pool of embarrassing moments for 2019.

In a “Meet the Candidates” interview, the New York Times asked Warren and the other members of the lengthy field of Democratic hopefuls to describe their most recent embarrassing moment. (RELATED: Elizabeth Warren Has Been Caught Calling Herself ‘American Indian’ Again)

Warren’s involved mistaking a boy for a girl.

“Describe the last time you were embarrassed. Why?”

The Massachusetts senator was in a photo line when she came upon a child. She described her usual shtick of approaching a child and having a chummy girl moment.

“A lot of times we do pinky promises to remember… it’s really important that we girls stick together,” she explained.

Specifically, she said, “Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’m running for president because that is what girls do.”

Except, oh boy, the child she thought was a girl was actually a boy.

“I did this with a child and said something about, ‘It’s really important that we girls stick together.’ And the mother said, ‘Uh, he’s a boy.'”

Warren scrunched up her face in pain and anguish.

“Ouch!” she said, recalling the horrific moment.

This presidential hopeful has no shortage of them. Back in March, CNN’s David Axelrod pressed Warren on her assertions about being Native American. (RELATED: David Axelrod Gets To The Bottom Of Warren’s Native American Claim)

During the course of an interview for “The Axe Files,” she admitted that she wasn’t actually a citizen of any tribe. She repeated some garble about growing up in Oklahoma and learning about her family and sometimes “identifying with” being Native American. Whatever that means.