MSNBC Reporter Falsely Claims Trump Didn’t Mention Abortion During Campaign Announcement


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Trump Campaign called out MSNBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard on Wednesday after Hillyard made a false claim about President Donald Trump and abortion.

Hillyard stated on MSNBC that the president did not bring up abortion during the Tuesday night announcement of his re-election campaign in Orlando, Florida.

“President Trump last night, I want to note, down in Orlando, there was a key political issue that he did not mention from the stage — and that was abortion, or access to women’s reproductive health care,” Hillyard reported on air.

However, Trump explicitly mentioned the issue during his rally and hammered Democrats for their opposition to the Hyde Amendment and their support of late-term abortions.

“Virtually every top Democrat now supports taxpayer-funded abortion right up to the moment of birth, ripping babies straight from the mother’s womb,” the president asserted. “Leading Democrats have even opposed measures to prevent the execution of children after birth. You saw that in Virginia.”

He continued, “Republicans believe every life is a sacred gift from God. That is why I have asked Congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion.”

The Trump Campaign’s Twitter account noted the inaccuracy, writing, “Roll the tape! President Trump will ALWAYS fight for the sanctity of life! #FakeNews”


Former Vice President Joe Biden, the top-polling Democrat in the 2020 race, recently decided to oppose the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer-funding of abortion. Other Democratic candidates, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, oppose the amendment as well.  (RELATED: Biden Buckles, Flips On Hyde Amendment Under Pressure From Progressives)

Meanwhile, Republican leadership in the House has repeatedly attempted to bring legislation to the floor that requires medical care be provided to babies that survive botched abortions. Democrats have blocked the bill dozens of times.

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