Skip Bayless Spreads False Rumor About Chris Paul And James Harden

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Skip Bayless fell for a troll account on Twitter Wednesday while trying to make a point regarding the current drama within the Houston Rockets organization on his TV show “Undisputed.”

Bayless misinformed the public after reading a tweet from @SportsTalkBarry that mentioned an argument between Chris Paul and James Harden during a Rockets team practice. (RELATED: LaVar Ball Makes Tells Female ESPN Host She Can ‘Switch Gears With Me Anytime’)

Looking for a way to prove that the two playmakers are not getting along, Bayless decided to discuss the tweet on the show “Undisputed” without verifying the truth. Bayless violated one of the most important rules a “journalist” is taught.

Skip is always looking for ways to belittle certain NBA stars and it is pretty funny to see the so-called analyst make such a brutal mistake.

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Even with the constant mistakes that Bayless and ESPN star Stephen A. Smith make, they continue to bring in the revenue, which is all a network can ask for.

I love seeing these sports pundits falling for tricks while being paid to provide insider information. That Bayless fell for a tweet involving “manboobs” makes this prank so much better.

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