REPORT: David Ortiz Wasn’t The Intended Target During Shooting

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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David Ortiz might not have been the intended target of the horrific shooting that hospitalized him.

The Boston Red Sox legend was shot several days ago while in the Dominican Republic. He had to have parts of his colon and intestines removed after being shot in the back. Now, it turns out he might not even have been the man the gunman was trying to get. (RELATED: David Ortiz Shot In The Dominican Republic, Chilling Surveillance Video Surfaces On Twitter)

According to TMZ on Wednesday night, officials in the Dominican Republic claim Sixto David Fernandez was the real intended target of the alleged man behind the hit attempt, Victor Hugo Gómez.

Gomez reportedly thinks Fernandez gave the police information.

On the night of the shooting, Fernandez was allegedly sitting near Ortiz. You can watch a video of the shooting below.

Who knows what the truth is, but if Ortiz wasn’t actually the target, then the shooter might have the worst aim in the history of hit attempts.

He shot Ortiz at point blank range. If he was aiming for somebody close to him, then he wasn’t even in the same area code.

Plus, the former Red Sox superstar might be the most famous man in the history of the Dominican Republic. How the hell do you not recognize that you’re shooting a massive human being recognized by everybody?

It’s not like the shooter claims to have accidentally hit a random person. He shot Big Papi!


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Luckily for Ortiz, he is doing much better these days and his condition is listed as “good.” Hopefully, he’s back to his normal life sooner than later.

I’m just not sure I’m buying this was a case of mistaken identity or anything like that. He shot him so close he probably could have touched him with the barrel. Pretty hard to make a mistake like that.

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