John Elway Says Joe Flacco Will Be The Starting Quarterback For The Denver Broncos

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Joe Flacco is locked in as the starter for the Denver Broncos this upcoming season.

John Elway took Missouri passer Drew Lock in the second round of the 2019 draft after trading for Joe Flacco, and that might have some wondering whether or not there’s a quarterback competition. Don’t count on it. (RELATED: Joe Flacco Says It’s Not His Job To Help Develop Rookie QB Drew Lock)

“Flacco is the guy,” Elway said when asked by TMZ Sports in a video posted Thursday about whether or not Lock could start.

There’s no way the Broncos are playing anybody other than Flacco unless all hell breaks loose. It’s just not going to happen.

They didn’t trade for the Super Bowl champion in order to then start a second round pick. Anybody who thinks differently doesn’t know football.

Flacco is the guy and that should have been obvious to us all before Elway had to say it.


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Now, that doesn’t mean Lock doesn’t have a bright future ahead of him. Flacco doesn’t have a ton of years left, and Lock is likely the man to take over down the road.

However, let’s not pretend like there’s any rush for Elway and the Broncos to throw him into the frying pan immediately.

He needs to be a lot more refined before he takes over an NFL franchise.


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It’ll be interesting to see if Flacco can come close to having the same kind of success he had during his best days with the Ravens.

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