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The Five Best Sewing Machines, According To Amazon Reviewers

Charlie Goetzman Contributor

You may remember the joy of sewing together a new pair of jeans for a loved one, but chances are it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Sewing requires the intensive focus and precision that it seems only your grandmother had, but one of America’s favorite pastimes does not have to be such a frustrating experience. Whether you are searching for a sewing machine for yourself or as a gift for a family member we have taken it upon ourselves to pour through hundreds of Amazon reviews and find the very best sewing machines according to reviewers.

What follows is our comprehensive list of the top five:


Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

The granddaddy of sewing machines, the $142.99 Singer Heavy Duty model will sew any fabric you ask it to. It’s got a refreshingly old-school design but a decidedly up-to-date host of features.

According to Amazon reviewer Katharine, the Singer 4423 is built to last: “I bought this machine over 4 years ago as my starter sewing machine, and it’s still going strong. In that time I’ve made close to 30 quilts, 20some purses, totes and bags, and about a dozen items of clothing. This machine is so versatile, I’ve been able to do everything I need to on it.”


Brother RSQ9185 Sewing Machine

This one’s computerized! It’s got a large LCD display, eight one-step buttonhole styles, and 55 built-in alphanumeric stitches for monogramming. You can cut the price down from $199.99 to $118.01 by buying a refurbished model, professionally inspected and tested by Amazon-vetted suppliers.

Thus spoke Amazon reviewer Greg Andrick: “We have never owned a sewing machine and don’t really know much about sewing and we were able to get it threaded and start sewing in about 30 minutes. The results are beyond our expectations and the price is almost too good to be true.”


Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

The XM2701 includes 27 unique stitches, 63 stitch functions and six quick-change sewing feet. It’s on sale, so you can get all that for $84.99.

Amazon reviewer “the Olivers” vouches for its quality: “I used to sew as a kid but I was never that great. I had a dinky little machine that would always jam up and I was certain it was because I’m an idiot. Guess what, I’m not an idiot. I just had a crappy sewing machine. This machine is decidedly not crappy.”

And if you are in need of new friends, the XM2701 can help with that. As the reviewer now sews cool gifts for the people he knows, the XM2701 “has also done wonders for my social life.”


Donyer Power Electric Sewing Machine

Perfect for both beginners and veterans, the $56.99 Donyer Power machine has tons of great features but an easy-to-understand design.

Amazon reviewer H. H. raves: “The sewing machine came in with the threads already set in place. It works just like the manual sewing machine, but with so many more advanced features for easier and convenient operation. It also has a fun and compact design.”


MSDADA Mini Sewing Machine

At only $13.99, the MSDADA Mini Sewing Machine is not quite a full sized sewing machine, but it is one of the least expensive options available that still gets the job done. It is also portable and relatively uncomplicated. Its small size means it can be used for the tricky-to-position repair spots that larger conventional machines can’t reach.

According to Amazon reviewer Elice C., “This handheld sewing machine is so convenient and I am absolutely in love! It has the power of a basic sewing machine and I can hold it in my hand and the price isn’t too bad either!

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