Did Pelosi Con Trump For A Deportation Delay?

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s podcast we get into what was shaping up to be the next big scandal about the president on Friday, but the story fizzled to the point that it’s gone now. Plus, President Donald Trump called off planned deportation action against illegal aliens at the request of Nancy Pelosi; Joe Biden still seems out of touch; Mayor Pete is facing a crisis at home; and Cory Booker says he would meet with a racist a week after attacking Biden for saying he’d worked with racists. It’s too crazy to be true, but all too true nonetheless.

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It was a bombshell on Friday night when an advice columnist accused Trump of raping her decades ago, but the story was soon gone. What happened? The alleged victim appeared Friday night on MSNBC to tell her story, and when asked if she’d press charges, her answer was so bizarre. We have the audio with her strange answer that involves the southern border and women around the world and break it all down.

ICE was set to begin enforcing deportation orders across the country this week, then the action was called off. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi asked the president not to enforce lawful court orders. Trump gave Democrats 2 weeks to come up with a deal on immigration or else the raids would happen, but can Democrats be trusted? Is the president being conned by the Speaker of the House? We go into all of it and explain why this could be a mistake.

The debates start this week, and the big names are limping into them. Joe Biden thinks the election of Donald Trump are watershed moments for millennials the way the assassinations of RFK and MLK were for baby boomers, and that that new “wokeness” will help Democrats win in 2020. But Democrats lost 5 of the next 6 presidential elections after 1968, 7 of the next 9, if you count through George W. Bush. Will Biden understand history in time to stop his campaign from becoming history? We get into it.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in the midst of a race controversy after a white police officer killed a black man. Liberals have spent so much time building up the narrative of it being “open season on black men” that the facts of the case have already been lost. Buttigieg had a rough town hall over the weekend about it, and was shouted down by protesters while trying to have a conversation on the subject, and the Meet The Press panel tried to pick it all apart. Liberals are facing a dilemma: it’s their “flavor of the month” vs. the narrative they’ve spent years creating. Which will win? We play the audio and make the case.

Cory Booker had a pretty good week. He had gotten a lot of press for demanding Joe Biden apologize for having spoken about his ability to work with racist, segregationist Democrats. He called Biden’s statement insensitive. Then just a few days later, at his own town hall, Booker said he’d be open to meeting with racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Makes you wonder if he’s trying to sabotage his own campaign.

All this and more as we’re only 3 days away from the opening ceremony of the “2020 Woke Olympics,” the first Democratic Party debate on Thursday.

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