Heather Mac Donald Deconstructs E Jean Carroll: ‘A MeToo Wannabe Who’s Getting Her Place In The Sun’

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Author and researcher Heather Mac Donald discussed the inconsistencies, timing, and politics surrounding the latest allegations against President Donald Trump on Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Elle advice columnist E. Jean Carroll has accused the president of raping her inside the dressing room of a Manhattan Bergdorf Goodman over two decades ago. Her erratic television appearances since then include telling MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that she decided not to press charges because it would be “disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who are being raped around the clock down there without any protection” and characterizing rape as “sexy” to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s first question to Mac Donald involved why someone wouldn’t have “an obligation to the rest of our society” to put a rapist “behind bars, to protect the rest of your neighbors” instead of waiting over two decades.

Calling Carroll’s explanation for not going forward “completely preposterous” and an example of “how deeply politicized this is,” Mac Donald told Carlson we are living “in a world of weaponized feminism.”

Obviously sexual assault is real, but this case simply does not stand up to any kind of credible investigation. I think reporters should be asking questions. This is a woman who, at 52, who by her own account in a ’95 ‘Esquire’ article has plenty of experience with men, believe you me, and she agrees to go into a dressing room to try on a piece of see-through lingerie because, by her explanation, she think she’s going to persuade Trump to put it on over his pants and greatcoat.

This is preposterous. This is a woman who now says she wants to live in a world without men. Her book is going around asking women, ‘why do we need men?’ She got the inspiration because the women writing into her advice column blamed all of their problems on men. Imagine if a man blamed all of his problems on women, he would be viewed as a whiner and somebody not in touch with his situation. But feminism is being used as a way to take out politicians we don’t like and to try to change the culture radically.

“How could you have let 25 years go by knowing that this guy is capable of rape, and she did, by the way, allege rape in her book,” Tucker asked. “Why wouldn’t someone press her on that?” (RELATED: Twitter Battle Rages As Critics Pounce And Supporters Defend President Trump Following Rape Allegation)

“While the press is in resist mode, the press is also in believe survivors mode,” Mac Donald responded. “Again, the feminists have decreed, contrary to the traditions of Western jurisprudence, that any female who alleges they were raped is entitled to unquestioning belief. This is a complete reversal of the principles that have made Western civilization the beacon of success that it is, but the feminists tell us that those principles have to be junked in order to empower women and to destroy the male patriarchy.”

“This is a #MeToo wannabe who’s getting her place in the sun,” she concluded.