Study Claims The Cowboys Have The Best Fans In The NFL, The Patriots Are Second

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A new study claims the Dallas Cowboys have the best fanbase in America.

According to Yahoo Sports, a study from Emory on NFL fanbases, based on how fans spend their money, their social media presence and how well fans travel, put the Cowboys at the top. The Patriots were right behind them at second. (RELATED: Jerry Jones Says The Cowboys Are ‘Sold’ On Quarterback Dak Prescott)

The Eagles, Giants and Steelers followed to round out the top five.


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These results shouldn’t be too surprising to anybody. The Patriots are in the middle of an incredible run as a dynasty right now, and the Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in all of sports.

They didn’t get that way because their fans don’t care. Jerry Jones’ franchise is that valuable because it’s an international brand.

No matter where you go in America, you can find Cowboys fans everywhere. Hell, I know tons of people back in Wisconsin who love Dallas. It doesn’t make much sense but it’s true. The Patriots have the current success and the Cowboys have the international reach.


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As for the Eagles coming in third, their fans are the absolute worst. They’re awful. I’ve met very few that I like. Most of them make me wish a nuclear war would break out or a plague would start. Eagles fans are an embarrassment to America and the NFL.

However, that probably actually works to their advantage here. It’s better to be hated than to have nobody care at all when it comes to sports.


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Sound off in the comments on whether you’re surprised with the top-five teams. My guess is most of you will think they’re very fair.

Even if you hate the teams involved, there’s no question their fans are insanely loyal.