These Aren’t Your Grandmas Clippers: Find Out Why Everybody Is Raving About ClipperPro

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Are you still using the same old nail clippers that your Grandma used to clip your nails back in the day? Forget those flimsy little drugstore clippers that slip and break nails with a dull blade! Those nail clippers require odd, uncomfortable movements of your wrist, and a strong squeeze between your thumb and pointer finger to do its job. It’s like using a typewriter in the 21st century, overly complicated for a very simple everyday task, but prior to now, its seemed like the only option.

That’s why when I got my hand on ClipperPro, I was shocked at how much of an upgrade it was over the clippers I had at home, pretty much a complete scientific makeover. In fact, I liked ClipperPro so much that I felt like writing up an article and sharing with the daily Caller audience exactly what all the hype is about (the ClipperPro is all over social media with rave reviews on the difference it brings to the table.

If you clip your nails, you need ClipperPro (Photo via ClipperPro)

If you clip your nails, you need ClipperPro (Photo via ClipperPro)


The ClipperPro was designed by a team of three orthopedic surgeons to improve and modernize the time-tested basic nail clipper. The handles are derived from surgical instruments designed to be held in the palm of the hand rather than the fingertips giving users an improved grip.

The blade rotates 180° which allows the user to place the blade in a comfortable position before clipping. The blade then locks in place when pressure is applied to handle which ensures an accurate cut. Finally the double action mechanism makes cutting your nails much easier, requiring very little strength to operate. It’s basically as easily as line up your nail and getting one clean and easy cut as opposed to the odd angles and multiple cuts required of older clippers! 

(Photo via ClipperPro)

(Photo via ClipperPro)

So what are you waiting for? To learn more about ClipperPro and how it is changing the game when it comes to hygiene and personal health, click here 

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