Break Dancing ‘Provisionally Approved’ As Olympic Sport For The 2024 Games

Winter Olympics (Credit: Shutterstock/EugPng)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Break dancing is coming to the Olympics.

Break dancing was “provisionally approved” as a sport for the 2024 summer games in Paris, according to Fox News. Final approval will be given in December 2020 by IOC.

Here’s a live look at my reaction to this development:

Break dancing? Break dancing? What a sad day for America and the once upon a time proud games. We’re really going to include break dancing in the Olympics? (RELATED: Is It Ever Acceptable To Date A Woman Who Hates Football?)

Imagine being a player from the Miracle on Ice team with your gold medal and then having to watch gold medals get handed out for break dancing.

If this country has any pride left, we won’t even attend the summer Olympics in 2024 until this gets changed.

We didn’t storm the beaches of Normandy to only return 80 years later in order to watch break dancing happen in the games. It’s a disgrace.

It’s a disgrace to all the great men and women who clawed their way to gold medals. Good luck explaining to Michael Phelps how a break dancer is the same as a swimmer.

The Olympics is about reminding the whole world how America is better than everybody else. It’s about cheering on the red, white, and blue. It’s about drinking cold beers.

It’s about defending Ryan Lochte’s right to urinate wherever he pleases while in Brazil. It’s not about dancing!

Shame on all the idiots who support this decision. You represent everything with America and you probably wish the Soviet Union won the 1980 Olympic gold medal in hockey.

As long as there’s air in my lungs, I will fight to change this. I will fight 100 wars on 100 different fronts. Fixing this garbage situation is now my burden to carry.