Hidden Camera Footage Exposes Big Tech Bias

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Project Veritas claims they exposed Google’s plot to oust President Donald Trump in 2020, and new footage shows China running border facilities that look a lot more like concentration camps than anything the U.S. has.

Host Anders Hagstrom covers all that and more in today’s episode of Bullet Points.

The Project Veritas report features footage of longtime Google employee Jen Gennai seeming to explain Google’s intent to prevent “the next Trump situation.” The footage is heavily edited and gives viewers little context, however. PV’s second source is an anonymous “Google insider” whose voice is masked in the video.

The BBC has also released an exclusive documentary of China’s re-education facilities set up for Muslims in the Xinjiang region, detailing China’s intent to secularize the Muslim community. Satellite images show China took down barbed wire and watch towers surrounding the facilities and replaced them with basketball and sport courts just prior to the journalists’ arrival.

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