‘My Spanish Is Terrible’: Andrew Yang Live-Tweeting The Debate Was Better Than The Debate

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was not on the debate stage Wednesday, so he opted to live-tweet his own observations as the first group of ten candidates squared off.

Yang, who is scheduled to appear in the second group of candidates debating Thursday, began diplomatically by simply calling the debate “interesting.”

But as former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke broke into Spanish during his first opportunity to speak, Yang remarked, “My Spanish is terrible.” (RELATED: Beto Spends Half His Time Answering In Spanish While Cory Booker Watches, Shocked)

(He later apologized to his Spanish teacher, telling her that it was not her fault.)

Later observations included concern over how to keep a straight face if another candidate was answering a question and he was still in the shot.

When technical difficulties forced an unplanned commercial break, Yang was quick to blame “the Russians.”

Yang appeared to be particularly interested in the fact that a small step might be offered to make candidates appear taller.

His overall assessment was both accurate and lacking in substantive information.

Yang’s final conclusion was simple: “I wonder who will play me on SNL.”

Yang left only one question unanswered: when he takes the stage Thursday, who will be live-tweeting?