Bernie Supporters Will Hate It But We Found A T-Shirt For Sale That Puts A Hilarious Spin On His Campaign Slogan

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Every now and again we find a funny t-shirt that we think our readers might like, but a new shirt campaign is making the rounds on social media-and its sure to piss of any fans of self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. We will likely hear from Bernie at length during the first of several democratic debates, but for anybody who has been following along, his policy positions and rhetoric haven’t changed on any issue: max out spending on costly government programs providing “free” services or programs and make the hard-working American taxpayers pay for it all.

While these positions may not be popular with most Americans, Bernie has created a strong following and loyal fan base of young voters who mindlessly repeat Bernie’s admittedly clever marketing pitch turned campaign slogan: Feel the Bern.

Personally, count me out on “feeling the Bern”, but that hasn’t stopped me from admiring how clever these “Feel the Bern” t-shirts are!

(Photo via Bonfire)

(Photo via Bonfire)

Get your limited edition “Feel The Bern” shirt today in either Stone Grey or Royal Blue for just $24.99

The t-shirt campaign page hilariously features a wallet on fire and a punny tagline that calls to mind exactly how economically destructive any of Bernie’s costly plans would be to the average American and their spending money and savings.

The t-shirt comes in both grey and blue, and features a slightly more expensive version as a baseball tee, available in blue and grey, or red and white (personally I will be ordering the red and white version for myself).

The size chart is pretty self explanatory, and the only caveat I could find is that this shirt is available for a limited time. The way t-shirt sales work on Bonfire, the company servicing the t-shirts, are that after a certain number of days, the t-shirt stops being sold and is never available again. This particular campaign ends on July 15th, 2019 so be sure to get your order in before then as there is also a limited number of stock as well, leaving a small window for avid political t-shirt collectors like myself to get their hands on it!

Buy your “Feel The Bern” shirt now and let everybody know you exactly what Bernie’s economic plans will do to their finances 

(Photo via Bonfire)

(Photo via Bonfire)

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