Travis Scott’s Cereal Collaboration With Reese’s Puffs Reportedly Sold Out In 30 Seconds

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

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Rapper Travis Scott’s new collaboration with Reese’s Puffs sold out ridiculously fast.

Scott, 28, released his new project with the popular cereal brand, which included personally designed cereal boxes, on Tuesday, according to a report published Wednesday by People magazine.

The special edition cereal boxes sold out in 30 seconds, according to the brand. However, fans can apparently expect another round of products.

“UPDATE,” Reese’s Puffs posted Tuesday to Twitter. “All boxes sold out in 30 seconds! Missed your shot? Follow @trvisXX + @ReesesPuffs for more to come.” (RELATED: Rapper Travis Scott Donates Merchandise Profits In Alabama To Planned Parenthood)

The boxes originally cost consumers $50, but are now being resold on eBay for upwards of $180.

$50 for a cereal box is crazy to me. You can buy a normal box of Reese’s Puffs at Target for roughly $3. I guess the custom-designed box makes it kind of a collector’s item, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around why somebody would want a box with Scott on it.

I don’t think Scott is going to be a rap legend 50 years down the road, so I’m not sure how much these boxes will end up being worth selling out in 30 seconds. Maybe they didn’t have a lot of product to sell so they could say they sold out quickly.