Trump’s Rape Accuser Seems To Be Getting Crazier And Crazier

[The Daily Caller]

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“I think most people think of rape as being sexy” said E. Jean Carroll in her interview with Anderson Cooper on his show, Anderson Cooper 360°. Carroll has been a weekly columnist for Elle magazine since 1993. The 1990s aren’t significant just for her career with Elle magazine, but, evidently, also for the time in which she claims that current president, Donald J. Trump, allegedly raped her.

E. Jean Carroll claims that she put her “life on the line,” despite clarifying that no one has threatened her life. Despite taking these accusations far enough to share with millions of viewers on the shows she went on to interview, when she was asked if she would pursue legal action on the current president for his alleged behavior, she said “No.” Carroll then added that she “would find that disrespectful to the women who are down there at the border who are being raped around-the-clock,” which didn’t seem to really answer the question.