Eric Swalwell Reveals What His First Foreign Policy Move Would Be

(Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/MSNBC)

William Davis Contributor
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California Rep. Eric Swalwell revealed what his first major foreign policy move would be if elected president during the Democratic presidential primary debate Thursday night.

When asked how he would repair relationships with other countries that President Donald Trump had supposedly damaged, Swalwell responded with a quip. (RELATED: Swalwell Brings Up Biden’s Age: ‘I Was 6 Years Old’ During His 1988 Presidential Run)

Swalwell said he would begin rebuilding America’s standing on the world stage by “breaking up with Russia and making up with NATO,” referring to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which consists of 29 countries. (RELATED: SURVEY: NATO Countries Want US Help But They Don’t Want To Help US)


A member of the House Judiciary Committee, Swalwell has been one of the harshest critics of Trump’s foreign policy, particularly as it pertains to Russia. Swalwell has repeatedly claimed that the president colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, even after special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of such during his two-year-long investigation into the matter.

Swalwell is considered to be a long shot for the Democratic presidential nomination, polling at 0% in most polls.