The Day After The Debate, Everyone’s Talking About Marianne Williamson’s Tweets

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Author and speaker Marianne Williamson shared a stage with the 2020 Democratic frontrunners at Thursday evening’s debate, but it was a handful of her old tweets that really stole the show.

The self-described activist and humanitarian has often tweeted spiritual metaphors, repeating the same themes even years later. (RELATED: Author Marianne Williamson Qualifies For Democratic Debate Through Donor Requirements Before 9 Politicians)

Her solution to end wars, circa 2011, was to call in the angels.

She argued that love could end swine flu.

She argued that James Cameron should have won the Nobel Peace Prize for “Avatar.”

She really wants to “wage peace” instead of war.

She said we are all really aliens.

Eight years later, people are still wondering what she meant by “#f”:

Williamson did offer some good advice from time to time, however, noting in a more recent tweet that the power to change the world begins with understanding how to change just one life.

Williamson concluded her performance in Thursday’s debate by accusing President Donald Trump of “harnessing fear for political purposes” and said that she would beat him by “harnessing love.”