REPORT: Kawhi Leonard Will Meet With The Lakers And Clippers

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard will reportedly meet with the Clippers and Lakers as he ponders his future plans.

According to Yahoo Sports, the two-time NBA champion will meet with the Lakers and Clippers once free agency officially begins this weekend. The move comes after he opted out of his player option with the Raptors, but it doesn’t mean he’ll for sure leave Toronto. (RELATED: Toronto Raptors Win The NBA Championship After Beating The Warriors In Game 6)


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I still think there’s a high chance Kawhi ends up back with the Raptors. He might be the most popular man in the history of the city after bringing them a championship.

The man is a walking legend north of the border these days, and I’m not sure he’d want to leave such a welcoming environment, especially when he doesn’t seem like a guy who cares about money or exposure.


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Having said that, people are going to go wild if he teams up with LeBron in Los Angeles. They’re going to lose their damn minds.

If Kawhi actually signs with the Lakers, they’re going to be unbelievably good. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard are going to be unstoppable as a core trio.

It’s crazy to just think about. That’s the kind of talent you only find when you mess with the rosters on a video game.


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Again, I think the talented forward still ends up returning to the Raptors, but you never know. I’m not against him joining the Lakers.

That’s the kind of content people crave for, but I just don’t think it’s likely. Either way, Leonard is going to make some huge cash over the next few years.

I’m sure he’ll be fine wherever he goes.