Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick Thinks The Football Team Is Equal To Clemson Despite Blowout Loss

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick is apparently very delusional when it comes to football.

Last season, the Fighting Irish got obliterated in the college football playoff by Clemson 30-3. It was unbelievably embarrassing. The Tigers and Trevor Lawrence stomped all over them. It looked like men playing against little boys. Despite that, the ND athletic director thought the teams were pretty equal.

Swarbrick told The Athletic the following, according to CollegeFootballTalk, on Friday afternoon:

I came off the field against Alabama thinking, ‘We’ve got a lot of work to do here.’  I didn’t feel that way at all in this game. Clemson is an exceptional team. They are very good. And they played that way. But I didn’t see a significant talent differential. I didn’t see a program differential in terms of strength and conditioning, or preparedness. I thought we had units on the field that were the better of the two in some positions, some areas.

Here’s a live look at my reaction to these comments from Swarbrick:

This is honestly embarrassing for Notre Dame. The athletic director is out here just lying to us all like it’s no big deal. Are we expected to believe this nonsense? (RELATED: Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney Gets $93 Million Extension)

I don’t have a dog in this fight at all, and as an unbiased observer I can state as a fact that the Fighting Irish didn’t belong on the same field as Clemson in the college football playoff.

Swarbrick thinks they were better at some position groups? Holy hell. He literally couldn’t be any more wrong if he tried.

Imagine getting blown out on national television and then having the guts to tell a national publication the team that just dog walked you all over the field isn’t really better.

This is the type of delusion I expect out of SEC teams and their fans. It’s not what I expect out of Notre Dame.

If this is the kind of energy Notre Dame is taking into the 2019 season, then they’re setting themselves up for a lot of disappointment.

Stay silent and get to work. Don’t make absurd claims after getting destroyed.