Dan Patrick Told O.J. Simpson He Thought He Was Guilty Of Murder

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Dan Patrick apparently told O.J. Simpson to his face that he thought he was guilty of murder.

Patrick told Rich Eisen in a video making the rounds on Instagram that during an old interview from the early 2000s with Simpson, the legendary running back asked him while tapes were being switched if Patrick thought he was guilty of murdering his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. (RELATED: O.J. Simpson Says Michael Jackson Was A ‘Kind And Generous Soul’)

“Yes,” Patrick responded when asked the question by The Juice. According to the broadcasting superstar, the interview never ended up airing.

Watch him recount the full encounter below.


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Dan Patrick sits down with Rich Eisen to talk about his awkward interview in the early 2000s with OJ Simpson.

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This right here is why Dan Patrick is the man. Simpson was accused of brutally murdering two people, and then beat the charges in court.

However, his acquittal hasn’t stopped tons of people from thinking he’s guilty as hell of murder. You can apparently put Patrick firmly in that category.

Imagine looking a man accused of hacking two people to death and telling him to his face that you think he did it. That takes balls, my friends.

I’m not sure I’d even have close to enough guts to tell O.J. to his face that I thought the was guilty.

It’s amazing how much of a resurgence Simpson has made in the past couple years. Ever since getting released from prison in Nevada on some charges unrelated to his murder case, he’s been all over the news.

In fact, he’s been a content machine and joining Twitter has only since made his profile go through the roof.

Shoutout to Dan Patrick for keeping it real as always. I would have loved to have been in that room to see the reaction on Simpson’s face.