Danny Amendola Is Reportedly Moving On After Ugly Split With Olivia Culpo

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

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Football star Danny Amendola has reportedly begun to move on following his split with model Olivia Culpo.

The couple allegedly called it quits in October of 2018, but they had gotten back together for a few months at the beginning of 2019, according to a report published Monday by the New York Post. However, the two seemed to have split after Amendola called out the former Miss Universe in a seething Instagram post.

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Now roughly four months later, Amendola is reportedly moving on.

“Danny has been talking to and texting other girls,” a source told Us Weekly.

Amendola reportedly “self-sabotaged” his relationship with Culpo and the two just couldn’t figure out how to make their relationship work. (RELATED: Danny Amendola Tears Into Olivia Culpo In Bizarre Instagram Rant)

“He tells people that Olivia wanted to get married and he basically self-sabotaged their relationship because he didn’t want that,” the source continued. “There were a few times where they broke up and got back together, but they just don’t work well together.”

I’m glad Amendola seems to be getting his shit together after this split. He had a meltdown in April when he accused Culpo of just wanting to be noticed online to make money.

He was spotted in April with a model on the beach, but we haven’t heard much more about his dating life since then. He should keep putting himself out there and do a little more than just text and talk to these girls.