Derrick Rose Signs With The Detroit Pistons For $15 Million

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Derrick Rose will continue his NBA career with the Detroit Pistons, and he’ll get paid a decent amount of money to do it.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski on Sunday, the former NBA MVP reached a deal with the Pistons worth $15 million over two years.


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A couple years ago, it looked like Rose’s time in the NBA might be over. He struggled with injuries, and it seemed like he no longer really had the willpower to keep playing.

It was a sad fall downward after he’d been so successful in the early part of his career. We’re talking about a guy who has won the MVP award, and couldn’t find ways to get healthy and on the floor.

Well, he had a solid year with Minnesota and now he’s got at least two more years ahead of him. Given how bad his outlook appeared to be at times, getting a $15 million contract is a very solid move.

Rose will obviously never return to his old form from when he was with the Chicago Bulls. That’s just unrealistic and isn’t going to happen.

The Derrick Rose from the Bulls era is over, but he has managed to get himself back to being a decent player.

Again, it looked like that wasn’t ever even going to be a possibility. Now, he’s got a new team and a lot of money coming his way.

All things considered, this is a huge accomplishment for Rose.


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I hope he makes the most of it. A lot of other guys probably would have quit when things went south. Props to Rose for fighting through and remaining in the NBA.