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We have been anticipating the release of’s unbeatable deals for its annual Prime Day – a two day deal spree taking place from July 15th to 16th – what could be better than that? Our anxious wait has not slowed our search for the best deals in town. We have spent countless hours looking for the best deals Amazon offers on its most popular tech products. It’s hard to come by deals on tech products these days – especially deals on some of the coolest products on the market such as Amazon’s newest Kindle, and Alexa controlled Echo Dot

Top Amazon Pre-Prime Day Deals

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

Kindle Oasis E-reader (Image Via Amazon)

The Kindle Oasis E-reader is a favorite among avid readers. It is Amazon’s first waterproof kindle, so it can be taken to the pool this summer without concern! Its glare free screen allows it to be read both inside and outside no problem – just like a book. Our favorite feature is that it can be synched with Audible, Amazon’s audio-book app, so that you can listen to your book exactly where you left off reading by connecting your Kindle to either a bluetooth speaker or a pair of bluetooth headphones. You can take your book with you in the car to listen to it though the audible, then return home a few pages ahead, and start reading exactly where you left off on your kindle! It is typically listed for $249, but ignore that price! We found a deal so it can be yours for $199.99.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot (3rd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Image Via Amazon)

The Echo Dot out does every speaker on the market. Why? Because it is a Smart Speaker programed with Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon reviewers, 39,058 of them, gave the speaker an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the site and swear by the product’s quality and many uses. The Echo Dot is verbally controlled, meaning that you can simply tell it to play any music you want! But it is not just limited to your favorite songs and today’s top hits, because of Amazon’s Alexa technology, it can tell you the weather outside, latest news, and more… ask Alexa anything, and she’s got you covered. The Echo Dot is typically $49.99, however we found a deal! You can make your home a smart home with an Echo Dot for $24.99 by clicking here.

Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa – Black (Image Via Amazon)

One of the coolest products we found was Amazon’s Echo Spot, a smart alarm clock. The Echo Spot, like any traditional alarm clock, can sit on your bedside table and wake you up in the morning – but its a time for an upgrade, its 2019 after all! Looking to know the weather from your bed without having to get up – just turn to your Echo Spot. Want to listen to your favorite song while getting dressed in the morning – just turn to your Echo Spot. Want to make video calls to say good night to your loved ones right from your bedroom – once again, just turn to your Echo Spot. The Echo Spot allows you to condense your life in a singular device that rests right by your bedside table – so everything you need is accessible – even from bed! It can be verbally controlled with Amazon’s Alexa technology and can be yours for $129.99!

Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa (Image Via Amazon)

What if instead of getting out of bed to turn off the lights, you could simply say “Alexa turn off the lights” and they would be out – that would be pretty sweet. Amazon’s Smart Plug is a voice controlled outlet that allows you to verbally controll devices in your home, so you CAN just say “Alexa turn off the lights” and not have to get out of bed. We love Amazon’s smart outlet because it allows you to control any outlet powered item in your home- everything from coffee makers, to lights, to chargers! Convert any outlet in your house to be verbally controlled for $24.99.

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