Andy Ngo Makes CNN Appearance After Antifa Assault

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter/New Day/

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Quilette reporter Andy Ngo appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday and spoke out on Antifa and the city of Portland, Oregon.

Based in Portland, Ngo has spent years covering the far-left militant group Antifa and its activities in the city, which he called “a hotbed for far-Left militancy:” Ngo was assaulted while covering an Antifa protest earlier in the week, suffering a brain hemorrhage in the process. (RELATED: Exposing The Media’s Double Standard On Political Violence)

Ngo updated his condition, saying that he is experiencing “cognitive hiccups,” as he tries to resume normal activities.

Ngo also lampooned the media’s double standard when it comes to its coverage of far-right groups such as the “proud boys,” as opposed to its coverage of far-left groups.

“This country, rightfully, is very tuned to knowing…when the right goes too far…I wonder if this country though is also attuned to when the left can go too far,” Ngo said.

Ngo also called out the city of Portland for its handling of the incident, as well as the city’s handling of Antifa in general. (RELATED: Ted Cruz Calls For The FBI To ‘Investigate And Bring Legal Action’ Against Portland Mayor)

“How many more people have to be beaten and attacked in the city of Portland before things change?” Ngo asked. “I am by far not the first one.”

Ngo also said that Portland police have a policy of non-engagement towards militant protesters, something he said needed to change.