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Israel Goes Back To The Polls: What The Snap Election Means For Trump’s Peace Plan And The Country’s Future

Abir Sultan/Pool via REUTERS

Jacob Orgel Contributor
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  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a government, so Israelis will be going back to the polls in September
  • The Likud leader’s coalition hopes fell apart when his former ally Avigdor Lieberman declined to join
  • The future of Trump’s Middle East peace plan, not just the Israeli government, hangs in the balance

Just a few short months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the clear favorite to continue ruling the Middle Eastern democracy. His approval ratings were among the highest he’d ever seen, and he was set to become the longest-serving leader in the country’s history.

If you had told him that, come June, he would be forced to deny allegations that he was forming a behind-the-scenes alliance with his rival Blue and White party to avoid an election redo of his own creation, he probably wouldn’t have believed you.