Kellyanne Conway Throws Down With Ocasio-Cortez: ‘All Talk, No Dollars’

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Kellyanne Conway traded Twitter jabs Tuesday with New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the latter claimed that people were drinking from toilets at migrant detention facilities.

“Chuck Schumer wants to talk about photo-ops?” Conway said on Tuesday morning’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” according to a Daily Beast article that Ocasio-Cortez posted. “I saw one yesterday. And it’s called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going down to one of these facilities and making this outrageous claim that a woman’s drinking from a toilet, which everybody who has control over that facility, or control for the border patrol has said that’s not true, they’ve not heard of this.”

After her Monday tour of a border detention facility, Ocasio-Cortez accused officers of holding women in cells with no water and telling them to drink out of toilets, a contention strongly denied by several officials, including former acting ICE director Ron Vitiello and former ICE director Tom Homan. The congresswoman also accused agents of “physically & sexually threatening” her. (RELATED: Democratic Rep Calls For Prosecution Of Border Patrol Agents For ‘Making Fun’ Of Congress Members In Private Facebook Group)

“How many migrant women has Kellyanne Conway touched?” she tweeted along with the article. “Hugged? Sat on a concrete floor with? Actually listened to? The answer is none. Her actions show she doesn’t believe all human beings are worthy of basic dignity. That’s why she defends & muddies the clear and indefensible.”

Conway responded by noting the New York rep’s staunch opposition to the humanitarian spending bill that went directly to help migrants.

“How many migrant women did @AOC help by voting AGAINST the $4.6 billion bipartisan humanitarian aid that is FOR THEM?” Conway tweeted. “(She even voted against the Democrat aid package). All talk, no dollars.”