Yankees Sign 16-Year-Old Jasson Dominguez To Minor League Contract

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The New York Yankees officially signed 16-year-old Latin American prospect Jasson Dominguez to a minor league deal Tuesday with bonuses adding up to 5.1 million dollars, according to MLB.com.

The Latin American star, who goes by the nickname “The Martian,” has been recognized as one of the biggest foreign prospects ever even being only 16 years old. The 5.1 million dollar signing is the biggest entry-level bonus contract the Yankees have ever given out to an international player.

Dominguez is a switch-hitting outfielder that has grown up destroying baseballs since he could hold a bat. As you can see by the video, he seems to have incredible power and knows what he’s doing at the plate.

Another interesting factor about the signing is that the Yanks invested 95 percent of their bonus pool money into the projected five-tool player. Based off several insiders around the league, the Yankees seem to have deepened their prospect pool tremendously.

On top of the $5.1 million he receives in bonus money, the young phenom will also receive $250,000 in scholarship money from the AL East team if he wants to attend college and further his education. (RELATED: Watch A Young Screaming Yankees Fan Try To Show How Badly He Didn’t Want Machado)


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This has to be so frustrating for the other teams involved, which are rumored to be the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels. The Yankees seemingly always get the player that everybody else wanted because they have the money to do so.

I know we are several years removed from Brad Pitt’s hit movie “Moneyball,” but that movie is still the case for a lot of these teams that don’t have the same amount of money as the bigger markets.

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Yankees fans should be extremely excited for the young man to debut in the minors next year. For Dominguez, he should go out and celebrate with his new dispensable income.