VOTE: Who Was The Best Founding Father?

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Lexi Lonas Contributor
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The Founding Fathers were some of the most courageous men in history.

They fought against one of the biggest political regimes of their time and won. They drafted revolutionary documents that still guide our country to this day. They never let anyone get in the way of the dream of the country they sought.

The unique thing about the Founding Fathers is they did not agree on everything. They passionately disagreed with each other on many things. However, they could come together under the idea that they wanted to create a great nation. They knew they had to work through their differences if they wanted to see the country succeed. (RELATED: High School Considers Erasing ‘Traumatizing’ George Washington Mural)

Every contribution from the Founding Fathers played a part in shaping the nation we have today. They devoted their whole lives to building the country we live in. It is hard to choose a favorite between them, but who was the best Founding Father? Vote below!