Insane Independence Day SALE on The Most Popular Items in Home & Personal Security of The Season

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Notice: Expires Sunday, July 7th so act now.

Summer is officially here and what better way to kick it off than a Mega SALE! On the 4th of July we celebrate America’s independence. This is nothing to take lightly. To celebrate, we scoured the web for the hottest products AND best deals. We even went so far as to request manufacturer discounts, huge savings we pass on to you! 

We don’t want to rain on your parade, but how much thought have you put into your home and personal security? News outlets have reported increased threats during holidays when large crowds gather. Risk for home break-ins are also higher when thieves assume people will be out of town for a long weekend. 

Luckily for our readers we’ve put all of this into consideration when curating this list of the most innovative gadgets in home and personal security that will keep you safer, prepared and protected in every sense. 

Gift yourself or someone you know with items they’re sure to love in honor of Independence Day. Check them out and SAVE BIG!

Protect Your Home, Yourself & Your Loved Ones: 

FamilyGuard Pro

Get peace of mind with 24/7 HD live-streaming surveillance for your home.

FamilyGuard Pro is an easy to set up and use indoor security system designed to keep a watchful eye on your home and belongings when you’re away. Get alerts sent straight to your phone and record hours of surveillance footage giving your family the security they deserve. The only security camera with night vision, motion detection, two-way audio and more at this value. 

Save up to 55% Today

Door Defense 

Beef up any door’s security 

Stay safe and protected behind any door – whether it’s your front door, bedroom or securing your hotel room while traveling. Door Defense is a portable lock that fits firmly onto the existing latch of any door, giving it an extra layer of protection. It’s an easy way to keep yourself, family and your belongings safe. 

Save up to 55% Today

Free RFID Wallet

Personal security wallet shield

If you don’t know about electronic pickpocketing we’re sorry to have to deliver the ugly truth. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and more technologically savvy. 47% of Americans are being exposed to hackers. Worst yet, these vulnerable victims don’t even realize they’re being targeted. Get personal pocket protection today with RFID Wallet Shield to stop the breach of credit card and ID theft.

Absolutely FREE Today (Just Pay Shipping) 

Home Security

Free home security consultation & discounted price quote. 

Have you thought about which home security system is best for you but haven’t been able to make up your mind? With so many options on the market it’s helpful to consult a professional. We will put you in touch with a Home Security advisor to consult you on your specific needs and give you an honest quote with an added discount on a new Home Security system. 

Free quote Today


Upgrade your computer security with this vital fingerprint scanner. 

We all know password protection is important to safeguard our personal information. In fact, it’s required. If you’re anything like us, we struggle with remembering all these complex passwords. NanoSecure is an easy to use, genius fingerprint scanner that protects your privacy BETTER than the password method! 

Save 50% Today


Record an eyewitness account in your car, on the road & even when parked.

With stunning HD video precision, motion detection, and night vision, no other witness has your back like AutoCamHD. Capture footage as you drive, inside your car, one touch photo capture and easy installation. Be sure you have this top rated dash cam on your side as legal video evidence for police and insurance claims.  

Save up to 55% Today


Ultimate tactical multitool for ultra-bright lighting, safety, & self-defense. 

Attackers have an advantage when it’s pitch-dark. A bright flashlight can help identify threats lurking in the shadows. The simple act of shining a light on a bad guy can be enough to deter the attack or disorient them, allowing you enough time to defend yourself with the aircraft-grade aluminum beveled head of Ubertorch’s tactical flashlight.

Save up to 55% Today

StarScope Monocular

Scout out your surroundings like never before with military-grade magnification.

See everything from miles away like you are standing next to it. StarScope Monocular allows you to get up close and personal with the finest German Engineered telescope. With high-precision and superb quality, you will not believe how clear and close you can see. 

Save up to 55% Today

Siren Guard

See why this discreet personal alarm should be your first line of protection.

At just a push of a button, SirenGuard delivers a flashing light and 130dB alarm with highly-concentrated sound waves, equal to emergency vehicle sirens. SirenGuard will leave your would-be attacker stunned and running for the hills.  

Save up to 55% Today

911 Help Now

The fastest way to get emergency support without a monthly fee or contracts. 

In case of a break-in, fire, life threatening injury, or other emergency always be prepared with 911-Help Now. It’s the only device of its kind that gives you a direct line to 911. You can dial and speak to a live first responder contact all with one click  through this life-saving device. 

Save up to 55% Today

Hearing Hero

Most people hear suspicious activity before they can see it.

It’s extremely important to be able to hone in on subtle sounds that clue you in to you environment. It’s hard to admit when your ears are starting fade, but after you’ve enjoyed years of loud music and events, you can rely on Hearing Hero to ensure you hear even the slightest creak in the floorboard. 

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Never take your eyes off your most precious asset with this genius device.

Keep your eyes on your child 24/7 with CribCam’s live-streaming straight to your phone. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Ever get that sinking feeling of worry and wish you could be in the room with your child? Through CribCam you’ll always be connected. What’s more, you can even talk to your baby through two-way audio and comfort them.

Save up to 55% Today

Tactical Pen

Trusted by military, police and first responders, being armed at all times is important given the number of “gun free zones” popping up everywhere.

This pen has it all! From a smooth rolling ballpoint pen to a super bright LED light. It easily converts from a glass breaker to a razor sharp blade in seconds. This rugged multi-function pen is a compact lifesaver in an emergency. 1TAC Tactical Pen is also the most elegant and versatile pen available. 

Save up to 75% Today


What will you do if/when your ID or credit information is stolen?

Corporate data breaches are on the rise putting all Americans at risk of credit and identity theft. Be vigilant, be prepared, catch them before they strike. With CreditScoreChoice you get daily monitoring of your credit, social security number, and name monitoring on all public records, instant email alerts for suspicious activity, and so much more. 

Get Protection Today for less than $1 a day


See & hear everything in stunning HD from this device, all on your smartphone.

If you have internet, you have home surveillance in the palm of your hand with SecureWatch365. Watch, listen and speak, all in real-time. Don’t leave your home or office unattended. Make sure porch pirates don’t get away with your packages. Even in the dark, this home security system has you covered.

Save up to 55% Today

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