Border Official Responds To Ocasio-Cortez’s Detention Facility Twitter Rampage

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Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Art Del Cueto, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, has a lot to say about Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest trip to the border and her claims that migrants are drinking toilet water.

The congresswoman went on a Twitter rampage after visiting a migrant detention facility in El Paso, Texas — sharing pictures and videos from inside the facilities while criticizing the conditions.

Cueto is not only pushing back against her claims about the conditions of the detention center, but also her claims about migrants being forced to drink toilet water. (Kellyanne Conway Throws Down with Ocasio-Cortez: ‘All Talk, No Dollars’.) 

De Cueto explains:

It’s lies, it’s far from the truth — I don’t even get why you would go there . Some of these agents , I spoke to them, they were in shock. They said they came down here, they looked at the facility, there’s no such thing as us telling individuals to drink out of toilets, that’s just one of the most ridiculous claims I have ever heard.

He admits to the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill that the conditions at the temporary facility aren’t comfortable or ideal, but that they’re doing the best they can with the resources they have.

“It definitely isn’t a four-star resort or five-star hotel, but it’s not near what these congress members are making it out to be,” said De Cueto.



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