‘Is Macron A Dictator?’ — ‘Die Hard’ Actor Defends Trump’s Military Parade

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Actor Robert Davi posted a tweet Wednesday thanking President Donald Trump for his efforts in bringing about Thursday’s upcoming 4th of July “Salute to America” parade.

Davi, an outspoken conservative who has appeared in over 130 films including the role of FBI Special Agent Johnson in “Die Hard,” also blasted the left for portraying the president as a “wannabe dictator.” He argued that Trump’s plan for a military display on July 4 was no different than France’s similar event that ultimately inspired Trump.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,” the actor tweeted. “Join me in Prayer to protect our nation for the infection we have been plagued with from within- THANK YOU @POTUS for wanting to INSPIRE ALL AMERICANS and denounce those tearing us apart from within – HAPPY 4 Th of JULY GOD BLESS AMERICA & EACH OF YOU.”


Despite the fact that Trump wants to “inspire the nation,” Davi said, he is “under attack from within,” particularly from those equating the president “with a dictator.”

“Well, why are they refusing to see that in France — is Macron a dictator?” Davi asked. “Answer me. Is Macron a dictator? I ask every one of you liars. Every one of you liars at CNN, MSNBC, and those other networks that lie. Every single liar. Is Macron a dictator? But yet France has this pomp and circumstance that Trump has observed and wondered why we don’t have that.” (RELATED: Here’s How Those Military Tanks Are Getting To Trump’s Fourth Of July Parade)

Davi said Trump’s critics “want to make every move he makes something wrong,” despite the fact there is “nothing wrong” with the “Salute to America” parade idea.

“We are under attack,” he said. “I pray with every single one of you tomorrow with all of my being … to overcome this evil that has infected the blood of America. There is a plague in our nation. We’ve got to pray.”

The actor concluded his post by thanking the president for “having this day tomorrow.”