New York Knicks Reportedly Canceled Free Agency Meeting With Kawhi Leonard

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The New York Knicks apparently got cold feet when it came to meeting with Kawhi Leonard during free agency.

According to the New York Post, the Raptors star had agreed to meet with the Knicks on Wednesday, but the team canceled over “logistics.” (RELATED: Kevin Durant Will Sign With The Brooklyn Nets For $164 Million, Kyrie Irving Will Get $141 Million)

The same report claims the Knicks couldn’t wait on Kawhi out of fear the players they wanted would be snatched up right away and they wouldn’t even sign the two-time NBA champion.


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I hate to sound mean here, but this is just more proof the Knicks are a clown show. If you think you can get a meeting with Kawhi, then you move mountains to get it done.

The Knicks already missed out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. If there was even a 1% chance of landing Kawhi, then you do whatever is necessary.

Without him, the Knicks are going to be trash no matter what. It’s worth the risk.


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Imagine being a fan of the organization right now. You’re team is literally falling apart and apparently they think they can dictate the schedule with the best free agent on the market.

At what point do fans just openly revolt?

The Knicks being a dumpster fire and canceling meetings with Kawhi Leonard is great for business, but it’s awful for their fans.

I can’t wait to see what they screw up next!