‘I Think We Need To Get Under The Desk’ — Los Angeles News Anchors React When Earthquake Hits Live On Set

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Two Los Angeles news anchors reacted on air when they felt tremors from the earthquake that struck Southern California Friday night.

Juan Fernandez and Sara Donchey were broadcasting for KCAL/KCBS, a CBS affiliate, during the terrifying moments when the earthquake hit.

CNN’s Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul played the clip Saturday morning on “New Day Weekend.”


“We’re making sure nothing is going to come down in the studio here,” Donchey said.

“This is a very strong earthquake,” she added, grabbing her co-host’s arm. “8:21 on the air here and we’re experiencing very strong shaking. I think we need to get under the desk.” (RELATED: 5 Earthquake Time Bombs That Could Devastate America)

The 7.1 earthquake that hit California Friday was reportedly the strongest in 20 years. No lives were lost and no serious injuries have been sustained thus far.