Sports Pundit Thinks Clemson Wouldn’t Win As Much If They Were In The SEC

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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CollegeFootballNews.com’s Pete Fiutak doesn’t think Clemson would be as successful if they were in the SEC.

As everybody who follows college football knows, the Tigers have won two national titles in the past three years and are arguably now the crown jewel of college football. However, some people apparently think this wouldn’t be the case if they were in the SEC. (RELATED: July Is The Final Month Of 2019 Without College Football)

Fiutak said the following earlier in the week during an appearance on WFNZ’s Wilson and Parcell show, according to TigerNet.com:

Yeah, Clemson you’re great. No one’s denying your greatness, but stick Clemson in the SEC and they’re like, what, Georgia?’ They might get through one (challenge) to get to a national championship. But it’s one thing to go do what an Alabama’s done and go through LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State and the whole SEC world or else having to go through NC State – the Virginias of the world. It’s just a different animal.

Give me a break. I’m not a Clemson fan at all and even I know this is complete nonsense. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what they’ve done, I really like Dabo Swinney as a man and coach, but I’m not a diehard of the Tigers. I’m Badgers and nothing else, but anybody with a brain knows this is complete nonsense that Fiutak is spinning.

Do we all remember the national title game last season? Alabama, the undisputed best team in the SEC, got dog walked on national television by the Tigers.

The Crimson Tide got obliterated.

In what fantasy land do you need to be living in to honestly believe Trevor Lawrence and Clemson wouldn’t do the same to the rest of the conference?

The Tigers beat the living hell out Alabama and they’d do the exact same to the rest of the SEC. It’s laughable to think it’d be any different if Clemson took the field against Mississippi State, Auburn or any other SEC squad.

It’d be just as bloody and brutal as it was against Alabama.

The fact we’re even having this conversation is absurd, and it goes to show how insane some SEC fans are. The delusion is real, and it’s honestly just sad.

Anybody who thinks Clemson wouldn’t roll through Alabama’s conference should get their head checked.