Zion Williamson Throws Down Monster Dunk During NBA Summer League Game

Zion Williamson Summer League Dunk (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/espn/status/1147328339897532417?s=21)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Zion Williamson wasted no time at all before putting together unreal highlights now that he’s in the NBA.

His first summer league game with the Pelicans was Friday night against the New York Knicks, which was ultimately postponed thanks to an earthquake, and the Duke legend had an unreal play.

The freak of nature forward ripped the ball clean out of his opponent’s hands, turned around and absolutely smashed the thing. (RELATED: New Orleans Pelicans Pick Zion Williamson First Overall In The NBA Draft)

Watch the unreal video below.

I’m telling you all right now, Zion is going to be a nonstop human highlight real at the highest level of basketball.

He literally just ripped the ball out of the hands of a full grown man like he was taking candy from a baby! He just took it like it wasn’t a problem at all.

The dunk was also impressive, but Zion is truly a freak of nature when it comes to his athleticism and strength.


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I don’t care who you cheer for in the NBA. If you’re not excited for Zion’s arrival to the league, then you’re not a real basketball fan.

Outside of LeBron James, we’ve never seen anybody generate the kind of hype he has. The Pelicans have found themselves the future face of the league, and now it’s time to see if he’ll live up to the hype.

I think he’ll do just fine.